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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MSW, African Applicant

I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished MSW Program at XXXX University as an African man who has spent the last 15 years at the head of the IT department at the NGO XXXX Uganda, serving simultaneously in the Neurosurgical Hospital 400 kilometers away. It was a humbling journey, building infrastructure from the ground up starting with a single dial-up internet connection, but we now enjoy high-speed fibre internet connections. I initially started out managing five workstations, but now manage a plethora of devices roaming over available wireless LAN and BYOD networks. After  joining the hospital as a research assistant, I sought training in information and communications technology, public health, and eHealth, and I have successfully integrated much of this technology into our provision of healthcare service. I now hope to put what I have learned about our technological challenges in Africa to the cause of Public Health, especially increasing access to medical care through internet technology.

Children with Special Needs, Sample 1st Paragraph for MSW

I studied psychology as an undergraduate student in order to better understand my first and foremost passion in life, children with special needs. I became especially attached to one client who was five at the time that I worked with him as a volunteer. Johnny was severely disabled and non-verbal. It was 5 years ago and I was 24, a university student; when his absent minded father let him drown in the bathtub, I was his provider, I was his voice, and I was devastated. Since that time, however, I have come to accept death as a part of life, especially because my mother passed away from ALS in 2009, after having lost her ability to speak for herself for some time. The following year I lost my father to cancer. Professionally speaking, it was the social workers who came to help with my mother who made the most profound and positive impression on me throughout this period. Still only 29, having to stare death in the face at a young age has served to better fortify my soul and heart and to give me great determination to succeed at helping myself by helping others, becoming the finest social work professional possible.

Sample MSW Application Statement 1st Paragraph

A 43 year old African-American woman, I now have the maturity that comes along with several decades of adulthood, a search for my own identity through participation in social causes, and a search for justice that has long eluded the African-American community. My own research and that to which I seek to dedicate the balance of my life in both study and practice, concerns women in particular, especially since mothers are generally the glue that binds families of color together. I ask for admission to your distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Social Work at XXXX University because I see it as the optimal springboard upon which I might best go about realizing my long term dream. I hope to one day create and manage a home for women who are being released from prison. In this home each woman would be given the opportunity to complete a High School Diploma and be taught a vocation or trade; along with attending AA/NA meetings and rebuilding a healthy relationship with their families. Women being released from prison tend to be women of color and tend to be substance abusers; thus, I look forward to doing research along these lines in your program, how to best go about helping women of color—in light of the many special issues that they face—by a focus that includes treating their substance abuse issues.

Sample 300 Word Essay: Interests in Graduate Program

Since my father is Nigerian, I think of myself as African as well and tend to identify with African issues and concerns. I am as well traveled as I am well read, having visited most of Western Europe as well as Africa and part of Asia. My mother, however, is African-American and this has given me a solid sense of identity and rootedness in the African-American community in Eastern XXXX, since I have always lived in XXXX City. XXXX University if my first choice for graduate school because I very much want to earn my MSW as part of a local academic community that has a special concern for issues as they play out on a local level. Over the course of the last few years serving as a social worker, I have been witness, for example, to many changes in insurance policy that have had a profound effect on patients and their families and I want to prepare myself to work with these kinds of issues at the local level. I am concerned in particular with the way in which, at least as I understand it, many patients are being discharged into the community from hospitals and other treatment centers in XXXX, as in many other areas of the country, even though they are in need of further assistance yet have no family willing or able to care for them. Since XXXX City is my home, this is where I would like to attend graduate school and also were I look forward to enhancing my capacity for serving as a highly effective advocate for my patients.

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Sample MSW Statement 1st 2 Paragraphs, Children & Family

Since December of 2011 I have been serving as a Child Care Worker with Community Heath Resources in XXXX, CT. We provide a safe, home-like atmosphere for children aged 8-13 enrolled in our program. Most of our boys come to us through DCF, the Department of Children and Family; others come to us from juvenile and even young adult correctional facilities. It is here where I have found my professional niche in life, my calling, and my current position is my primary inspiration for my decision to pursue the MSW Degree in your distinguished and competitive program at the University of XXXX.

I like to think that I am committing myself to this vast workload and taking on this extremely important challenge for them as well as for myself. Finally, I see the investment that I  make in ‘my boys’ to also be the reason why I will be able to excel in your program, because I have already learned so much from those who I most seek to devote my life to helping, children and adolescents with mental health issues embedded in complex family and social scenarios. In terms of research, I am most excited about PTSD, in part because I come from a military family and I want to learn everything that I can about PTSD in children and adolescents.

Sample 1st Paragraph MSW Statement: Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice

A young Christian woman with high ideals of community service, I came to the USA from my native Korea in 2006. I have now earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Emory University and also had the opportunity to study abroad in London. XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because I like very much the way that you incorporate psychotherapy into your curriculum, as part of our efforts to treat clients in a holistic fashion that accounts for psychological and physical needs together as integral parts of human reality. Communicating, learning from, and interacting with friends, fellow students, and professors from all over the world for the past 8 years has expanded my horizons and enhanced my respect for the beauty of individual uniqueness. Having spent significant amounts of time in various Asian countries as well as North America and Europe has enabled me to achieve conversational fluency in French and Japanese, complementing my English and Korean. I feel strongly that my language skills will enhance my contribution to the richness of diversity in your program at XXU.