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MSW Social Work, Special Needs Children

I was born and raised in India. I hold a degree in Information Technology and a Diploma in International Business. My goal is to join the program, to excel within it and to work as a social worker applying my skills and knowledge for the benefit of children with special needs.

As the child of a relatively privileged family in India, I was expected to undertake voluntary work in my community and I was very happy to do so. From my early teens, I worked as a volunteer with physically and mentally handicapped children who had been orphaned or abandoned. We volunteers helped the staff to feed, clean and teach the children and we played games with them. I gained as much, if not more, from these encounters than the children did and loved helping them.

I pursued studies in business with some success and, when I returned to India, I took up a post as a graphic designer. At the same time I began voluntary work at weekends for an organization called AID India. Initially we taught women, who were HIV positive, basic computer skills but gradually we also began to teach other kinds of clients such as underprivileged children, young adults and others whose lives might be financially improved by acquiring such skills. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and helping these people and this fired a desire to spend more than just weekends helping people.

During the Tsunami of December 2004, I was living very close to some of the worst affected areas. Many lives were lost, much property totally destroyed and thousands of children were orphaned, it was a heart rending situation. I was assigned to help doctors in the make-shift camps that grew up. I helped as a translator with the US doctors who had come to assist and was also taught to measure BP and to assist in the pharmacy. Once the initial phase was over, I worked with AID India to relocate people to new homes. I subsequently worked with a team that provided education about TB to village communities and in video production in a HIV/AIDS intervention program.

By this time, I was sure that I wanted to work full time in directly helping others. I recalled how much I enjoyed working with the handicapped children when I was younger. I carefully considered the career paths available to me in which I might help special needs children and concluded that I could best improve the lot of such children by qualifying and working as a social worker.

 I have carefully considered the qualities required of an excellent social worker and genuinely believe that I possess them.  I have a genuine desire to help people and to assist them in helping themselves, I am a good listener, I have determination, I am patient, I relate well to others, I have a creative approach to problem solving, and, not least, I have a sense of humor. I am also aware of the importance of being sensitive to non-verbal signals especially when supporting children and distressed adults. I know that social work calls for a very high degree of cultural awareness and sensitivity. I have lived in three countries and have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different cultural and social backgrounds during my voluntary service, work and academic career.

I know that those coming from outside the ‘caring professions’ sometimes harbor unrealistic expectations of the effect of such work. From my volunteer experience, I know that a realistic outcome might not be the perfect one. I am also aware of the core values of social work, I endorse them and would seek to uphold and promote them in my studies and work.

I moved to the US in 2006 but was not permitted to take paid work until 2008. Immediately I received a work permit, I took up work as a Teacher’s Assistant at a special needs school. This has familiarized me with the care of special needs children in the US and exposed me contact with their teachers and parents. I had to leave this job because of my husband frequently moved because of his work and the fact that I had a child of my own.

I am now ready to study in order to achieve my personal and professional goals. I have carefully researched available programs and conclude that your own is the ‘best fit’ for my needs. I seek a challenging and supportive academic environment which will provide significant practical project work.

I know that there will be many well qualified applicants for the program but I genuinely believe that I am an excellent candidate. I have substantial volunteer work experience with clients of various types in two distinct cultures including special needs children. My experience will enable me to bring useful insights to the program and I have the intelligence and diligence to succeed within the program. However my main recommendation is a genuine and passionate interest in beneficially affecting the lives of children and their families by applying the skills and knowledge that I will acquire by my enthusiastic participation in the program.

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For almost two decades now, I have supported myself and my family by helping applicants to graduate school draft eloquent and highly effective admission statements for degree programs BSW, MSW, DSW; and PHD. I am convinced that I have talent in this area as a bleeding heart, myself, a militant for healing and a lifelong learner; it is the stories of social workers that most intrigue me. Working on behalf of social workers keeps my heart engaged as well as my brain. 

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