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Please do not worry about furnishing me with any kind of finished text! Neither grammar or spelling matter. Just write as much as you can off the top of your head in direct response to the question asked (after a little reflection)! If you send me a CV or resume as an email attachment to, you do not need to duplicate this information on the Interview Form. If you provide me with sufficient information, as soon as I have time, I will write a model first paragraph on your behalf at no charge or obligation.

Contribution to Society: This is generally my central focus for all Social Work Statements, the ways in which you will be able to benefit your communities--local, national, and global--in the future, especially for the long term. If you are given the privilege of studying towards an advanced degree, what kind of professional social worker do you most want to become? Especially with respect to the most vulnerable among us, often referred to as the 'underserved'? You need to be as specific as possible and think like a social scientist as well as a social worker about the people that you most want to help, in terms of social class and ethnicity, as well as other socioeconomic and geographical factors.

Long Term Objectives: What is most important, and the area in which applicants are often the weakest, is in their professional dreams in Social Work, particularly your long term plans. Tell me everything that you can think of about your professional dreams and aspirations, especially in the long term. Even if you think that it is not all that likely that you could really achieve what you would most like to do—your ideal job, for example, or starting your own NGO—tell me about it! It would be a great honor to work with you at the realization of your professional aspirations to the fullest extent possible. Long term plans that are well articulated often result in an acceptance letter.

Research Interests: In most cases, it is a good idea to pursue research in the areas that one knows best. If one is from Saudi Arabia, for example, and one is pursuing a PHD in Social Work, it would be generally advisable to describe an interest in the structures of public assistance in Saudi Arabia. If one is a member of an ethnic minority group and raised in the inner city in America, to cite just one another example, an interest in the special challenges faced by minority groups in our inner cities might be seen as an especially appropriate choice by an Admissions Committee. It is advisable to have well defined research interests that dovetail with your realities and background, especially in Social Work.

Many applicants choose to copy these questions and answer them in a Word file which they send to me as an email attachment.


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