Sample Statement Introduction: Military Social Work

A middle-aged African-American woman, a very hard worker and a highly responsible professional, I have spent many years in health care management. I want very much at this critical juncture in my professional advancement to make a career change to the area of social work because for many years now, I have closely observed, investigated, and come to very much appreciate the critical role that is filled by the social worker in our society. As a veteran who very much enjoyed her time in the military, I am also a patriot who sees no greater good or more important social priority than the care of our military personnel, veterans, and their families. This is why USC is my first choice for graduate study because of my profound appreciation for your special MSW track of Military Social Work.

My understanding of the social work profession and its core values suggests that the safety net that we seek to provide for all of our people in America, looking after vulnerable families and their children in particular, is something that we have a special duty to provide to military families with parents generally separated from their spouses and children for over a year at a time, and numerous complex burdens that we ask our military families to bear in order to protect the freedom of us all. I hope very much to be admitted to your distinguished program at USC so that I may have the opportunity to become a professional who specializes in the well being of America’s military families. I am especially pleased that USC even hosts its own Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families.


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My name is Dr. Robert Edinger.  I help applicants to social work programs from all over the world.  I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story and generally doing some research on your behalf.

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For almost two decades now, I have supported myself and my family by helping applicants to graduate school draft eloquent and highly effective admission statements for advanced degree programs. Many if not most of my clients are applying to social work programs, BSW, MSW, and DSW; this is because as a bleeding heart, myself a militant for healing and a lifelong learner, it is the stories of social workers that most intrigue me. Working on behalf of social workers keeps my heart engaged as well as my brain. Sometimes while drafting a statement in social work on behalf of a client, I cry softly and always feel relieved afterwards. I grow spiritually by helping you to succeed and we both end up smelling like roses.