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Tailor your résumé to the specialty field or job you want. You can write a general résumé to get started, but as you narrow your interests, you will want to package your experience in a way that will most likely catch the attention of employers.

2. You do not have to list an objective on your résumé. In fact, unless you will be able to change it to correspond to each job for which you apply, you should leave the objective off the résumé and use the cover letter to spell out what you want in a job.

  • If an objective is too general, the employer will think you do not know what you want. If it is too specific and not perfectly in line with the job opening, the employer will assume his/her job is not your first choice.


  • Use phrases starting with an action verb (see list below).
  • Use language that creates a vivid picture for employers.
  • Keep descriptions brief, but give a picture of the populations you have served; the social, medical, and/or psychological issues with which you have worked; and the social work skills you have practiced.
  • Include issues with which you’ve dealt that would be transferable and of value in nearly any setting (i.e., substance abuse, sexual abuse, etc.). Use quantities, amounts, and dollar values, when possible (i.e., managed a $250,000 annual budget).
  • Use professional terminology when appropriate.
  • Be consistent with use of boldface, underlining, capitalizing, and italics.
  • Send a cover letter with your résumé.


All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

Up to 1000 words: US$199  + CV/Resume Edit US$299.00

Up to 1500 words: US$249  + CV/Resume Edit US$349

Up to 2000 words: US$299  + CV/Resume Edit US$399

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Social Work Admission Application Help

My name is Dr. Robert Edinger.  I help applicants to social work programs from all over the world.  I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story and generally doing some research on your behalf.

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