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MSW Application, Military Social Work, Latina

I am a 27 year old woman of Mexican heritage and was raised in the troubled environment of South Central Los Angeles. My early environment was a spur to me to take advantage of all the

opportunities open to me and to try to help others to do the same, it also resulted in a desire to help others generally. I am considered to be mature, self-motivated, compassionate, empathetic, independently minded and to possess excellent communication skills. I have undertaken a significant amount of voluntary work in my life involving, for example, helping seniors and ‘special needs’ children in various activities and escorting veterans who are confined to wheelchairs.

 During my time at XXXX University, I was a member of a sorority that was very active in community service and I took a full part in these activities. I have also been employed as a Primary Intervention Program Aide which involved assisting students, up to third grade, who were experiencing school adjustment difficulties.

 Through my 9 years of service with the Californian Army National Guard, I have developed a deep interest in the welfare of those serving and of fellow veterans, and their families.  I hope to be able to undertake research in the areas of military social work and veteran services with the ultimate goal of  becoming a commissioned Behavioral Sciences Officer in the National Guard.

 In addition to my exposure to other cultures during my upbringing in California, my military service has extended this during service in Germany, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. I also traveled to several other European and South American countries during periods of Rest and Recreation.  These experiences have left me with an understanding of the effects of culture on individuals and the need to take cultural background into account in relating effectively to others.

 I am a caring person and my goal is to contribute to the well-being of others, to help people to function more effectively, to assist in bringing about beneficial social changes, in short -  to

‘make a difference’. I feel that my background, personal qualities, academic achievements to date and my varied life experiences provide an excellent basis for me to profit from the program for which I am applying and will equip me to achieve my goals.

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For almost two decades now, I have supported myself and my family by helping applicants to graduate school draft eloquent and highly effective admission statements for degree programs BSW, MSW, DSW; and PHD. I am convinced that I have talent in this area as a bleeding heart, myself, a militant for healing and a lifelong learner; it is the stories of social workers that most intrigue me. Working on behalf of social workers keeps my heart engaged as well as my brain. 

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